Sound the Sirens was a Post Hardcore/Experimental Rock band from Long Island that existed from the fall of 2005 until 2009.


The band played their first show on November 12th, opening for Chiodos. The band then recorded a song, "The Step Down" with Tomas Costanza (of Diffuser fame), and then recorded a five song EP with him following that. Soon after, guitarist Pat Moore left the band and was replaced by Jesse Peragine. The band released their EP, "This Is Criticism on September 2nd at the Wave, after failing to release it at their show with Madison. The band continued to build a hometown following, until they decided to record a full length album.

The band released the song, "Bring Your Shovel". They then began production on their album, "Anathema" which they were recording at SSLI Studios with Jon Castelli. The band was featured as the Sweet Tea Junkie's band of the month in January, 2006.

After the band members all went to school the band stopped playing. Members Joey Puleio, Casey Jacobs, and Sean Scully then went on to start Classic Tribe; a new band with Michael Mausler, the former vocalist of Vice Versa.


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