Starving Nations is the most recent release by Massapequa Park based Thrashcore band, Grundle. Unless the 2006 release, Do It Up! is considered a full length (the work has 9 tracks, a gray area in what is to be considered a full length and what is to be considered an EP), Starving Nations is Grundle's first full length release.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Intro"
  2. "We're Fucked"
  3. "Political Pestilence"
  4. "Police Raid"
  5. "Prostitotion"
  6. "Police Bastard"
  7. "Hillbilly Fuck"
  8. "Wargasm"
  9. "Shit Fo' Brainz"
  10. "Fucking Orphans"
  11. "Unknown Dungeon Pokemon"
  12. "War and Hate"
  13. "Dystopia"
  14. "I've Had Enough"
  15. "Starving Nations"

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