== Biography ==

Suffocation is a brutal technical death metal band that formed in 1989 and remains active to this day. They are considered pioneers of the death metal genre and are a major component of the New York Death Metal scene.



Frank Mullen - Vocals
Terrance Hobbs - Guitars
Guy Marchais - Guitars
Derek Boyer - Bass
Mike Smith - Drums


Doug Cerrito (Guitar)

Josh Barohn (Bass)

Chris Richards (Bass)

Doug Bohn (Drums)

Dave Culross (Drums)



Demo, 1990

Human Waste

EP, 1991

Effigy of the Forgotten

Full-length, 1991

Breeding the Spawn

Full-length, 1993

Live Death

Split, 1994

Pierced from Within

Full-length, 1995

Despise the Sun

EP, 1998

Surgery of Impalement

Single, 2004

Souls to Deny

Full-length, 2004

The Close of a Chapter

Live album, 2005


Full-length, 2006

The Best of Suffocation

Best of/Compilation, 2008

Blood Oath

Full-length, 2009


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