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Sunset Arms was started in the town of Carle Place in June of 2009. All four original members were from Carle Place and just started playing together for fun in John Wanna's (drums) basement. Eventually they became more serious about their music and had a 4 song set-list including one cover and began playing local shows. Over the past year and a half there have been multiple line-up changes, with only Tim Serr (vocals) and John Wanna (drums) the only original members left. The songs they wrote began to mature more and more and began to stray from their original "heavier" roots, now making them a strictly pop punk band with the occasional heavy riff/breakdown here and there. Going through several member changes up until today, they have brought in Mike O'Keeffe (bass) of Long Beach, Charlie Danger (guitar) of Huntington, and Chris Regan (guitar) of Garden City.

Current MembersEdit

  • Tim Serr - vocals: 20 years old from the town of Carle Place. Prior to Sunset Arms, Tim did vocals for various metal/hardcore bands, predominantly for the band From This Day On.
  • Mike O'Keeffe - bass/back up vocals: 19 years old from the town of Long Beach. Prior to Sunset Arms, Mike played bass for several pop punk bands throughout Long Island, and has his own acoustic project called Living Daylights.
  • John Wanna - drums: 19 years old from the town of Carle Place. Prior to Sunset Arms, John played drums and guitar for several ska/punk bands based in Carle Place/Westbury.
  • Charlie Danger - guitar: 21 years old from the town of Huntington. Prior to Sunset Arms, Charlie had his own booking company with which he had put together numerous local showcases, as well as booking national acts for all genres.
  • Chris Regan - guitar: 16 years old from the town of Garden City. Prior to Sunset Arms, Chris had played guitar and done vocals for several small ska bands.


  • Tim Serr - New Found Glory, The Starting Line, Incubus, Half Hearted Hero, Pantera, The Movielife.
  • Mike O'Keeffe - Black Flag, Minor Threat, Suicidal Tendencies, Hot Water Music, Lifetime, Deftones.
  • John Wanna - Brand New, Enter Shakari, Incubus, Blink-182, Versa Emerge, anything dubstep.
  • Charlie Danger - Brand New, Radiohead, Joy Division, Foo Fighters, U2, Rage Against The Machine.
  • Chris Regan - We Are The Union, The Wonder Years, Tigers Jaw, Title Fight, Taking Back Sunday, Transit.

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