The Taking Back Sunday EP is Taking Back Sunday's first release, which was put out in 2001. The record was created by two lineups of the band. The first two tracks recorded were, "Go On" and "Summer Stars" and included Antonio Longo, John Nolan, Eddie Reyes, Jesse Lacey, and Steven DeJoseph. After the songs were recorded, however, the process was halted by the departure of Jesse Lacey (who would go on to start Brand New with Brandon Reilly) and Steven DeJoseph (who went to re-start his band, Prescott C. Adam Lazzara replaced Lacey as a bassist and backup singer and Mark O'Connell replaced DeJoseph as the drummer.


Cover art

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Lost and Found"
  2. "The Things We'll Never Know"
  3. "Eleven"
  4. "Go On"
  5. "One Way Conversation"
  6. "Summer Stars"


  • Antonio Longo – lead vocals on all tracks
  • John Nolan – guitar, backing vocals on all tracks
  • Eddie Reyes – guitar on all tracks
  • Jesse Lacey – bass, backing vocals (on "Go On" and "Summer Stars")
  • Steven DeJoseph - drums (on "Go On" and "Summer Stars")
  • Adam Lazzara – bass, backing vocals (on "One Way Conversation")
  • Mark O'Connell – drums (on rest of the songs)

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