Taste The Fame is the second EP from Eli Whitney & The Sound Machine, released August 6, 2010. Craig recorded it in his basement and it was mixed by Mark Masterson of Long Island Music Scene Radio. It is available for free download here.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Intentions (Lyrics: Shay / Music: Shay, Flancbaum)
  2. Screaming Hearts and Sinking Ships (Lyrics: Vizzi / Music: Vizzi, Flancbaum)
  3. Taste The Fame (Lyrics: Shay / Music: Vizzi, Shay, Flancbaum, Chalfin)
  4. Back Home (Lyrics: Shay / Music: Shay, Duggan, Flancbaum)
  5. 22 Hours (Lyrics: Shay / Music: Shay, Flancbaum, Duggan)
  6. Showtime (Lyrics: Vizzi / Music: Vizzi, Flancbaum, Hennessy)


  • "Taste The Fame" is the oldest song in the band's repertoire, dating back to one of Craig and Vizzi's shitty old bands. Jared Chalfin helped write the music for it.
  • "Showtime" is re-recorded and significantly shortened from the version on the band's first demo.
  • The sound clips and the title of the EP are from the "Camp" episode of Home Movies. Hopefully Brendan Small won't notice.

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