The Best Comp in the World is a 2000 Compilation released by Fadeaway Records.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "In The Shade" (Now She's Gone)
  2. "What's Left Standing" (Hot Rod Circuit)
  3. "Less Important Place A" (The Miracle of 86)
  4. "Seven Doors" (Errortype: 11)
  5. "Only With Me" (Reggie and the Full Effect)
  6. "Eye Sore" (New Found Glory)
  7. "First Attempt Spangler" (Ex Number Five)
  8. "It Doesn't Hurt Til..." (Derbyshire)
  9. "Dead To The World" (The Movielife)
  10. "No School" (J. Majesty)
  11. "Dead Boys Club" (Last Days of August)
  12. "Newfound Mass" (The Get Up Kids)
  13. "One Million Volumes" (This Year's Model)
  14. "Midwestern Stylings" (Glassjaw Remix) *


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