The Calvary Church Shows were underground shows, created by Nat Giambalvo in the basement of the Calvary Church that began in May of 2003. Six to eight bands would play a show once a month, and would usually cater to Pop Punk or Ska bands. Inside, listeners could either watch the bands or hang out in the back and play games and eat. The shows became a huge success and bands like Patent Pending, Operator Operator, Drop It Jeffrey, Wind Up Toy, Code: Adrenaline, and Valet Parking frequented the venue. Nat's dog, Britnay, became the shows' "mascot" by making numerous appearances at shows. In August 2005, The Calvary had its first and last Cal-Stock, an all day event that had bands playing downstairs and games going on upstairs in the gym. The venue continued with shows for more then two years before ending and since then, countless attempts have been made to bring the Calvary shows back.


  • The gym in Calvary was the location for the video of the Patent Pending song The June Spirit.

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