The Cotton Weary was a Emo/Sleepcore band that existed from 1997 to 2002. The band released three EPs and was featured on many compilations before breaking up. The Cotton Weary was signed to Break Even Records.


The band started off on Long Island in 1997, and by 1998 the band recorded and released a four song cassette entitled "The First To Come In Last". The band began to play locally and tour, and a year later released "Viva Maestro!" a six song EP. The band went under a large change in 2000, and released their EP, "Cinematic Overtones" the same year. Their music became spacier, more atmospheric, and effect laden songs that would stretch out. The band intended to release a full length album in 2002, but broke up before this could happen.

Jason and Phil went on to form Satellite Lost, Jay Gerstner would found Encrypt Manuscript, Mike joined Breaking Pangaea, Pilot Round the Sun, and is now a member of Safari So Good.


Compilation AppearancesEdit

  • The Fire Beneath the Machine 1999
  • Break Even Thank You 1999
  • Break Even Definition 2001
  • A House Divided 2001
  • Kickstart Audio/Chowda Records Five Way Split 2001


Former MembersEdit

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