The Electric Sentiments were a Post Punk band from Roslyn Heights, Long Island, New York. They were currently signed to Nondance Records, a label based in Roslyn Heights. The band no longer seems to be active. Their large body of songs incorporated styles ranging from alt-country to power pop to garage rock. No full length album was ever released, apparently much to the dismay of their lead singer/songwriter, Josh, who had completed the original tracklist by late 2005. They debuted at their high school in 2005 as a quintet. Their prominent songs included Ruff Kutz EP tracks "The Man Next To You," "Iceberg" and "A Midsummmer Nights Dream," and their live favorites included "Bummer," "Static Grey" and "Crash." The last statement the Sentiments issued stated they were recording a single along with their friends Nancy Reagan's Enduring Love including new cuts "Arthur" and "Empathize."


  • Josh Ginsberg (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Doug Bleek (Bass, Guitar [originally])
  • Ory Baum (Drums)

Former MembersEdit

  • Ed Castillo (Drums)
  • Eric Eisenstadt (Drums)
  • Sam Bernhardt (Bass)
  • Jeff Ching (Piano)
  • Craig Heed (Bass)


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