The Fad was a five piece Punk Rock band from Long Island, New York that existed from 2001-2008/9. In their time as a band, they toured the US & Canada, recorded 2 Demos and an EP without the support of a record label. Finally, in 2007, the band signed a deal with [ Bankshot! Records] to release their debut album, "Kill Punk Rock Stars" a 12 song full length album. The group disbanded in 2008.


In the spring of 2004, Mike Haggerty (formerly of 32 Degrees in Hell) joined the band. Played stints on the 2004 Van's Warped Tour. Backseat Stage from Houston to Idaho and on the east coast from Atlanta to Boston.

Tom Malonowski (guitar) joined our band in 2001. We recorded our 8 song debut "Number 5" and by the time it was pressed, Jay & Matt had left the band to go to college. We went through a number of lineup changes, but I had a determination to get our band on the road and stay there for as long as possible. We snuck onto Warped tour in 2004, and when we got back I was introduced to Adam Foster, a drummer who wasn’t in a band. Danny Dangerous is a long-time friend of Tom & myself, and was also not playing bass in a band. When we started playing together, something just clicked & everything seemed right. We recorded "Quit Your Band & Join THE FAD" with Rob Guariglia, a great producer & friend of the band. Once these songs went public, we received a great amount of positive feedback & requests to get on the road. So we started touring, thanks to help from The Flaming Tsunamis, and started making contacts with bands in different areas. On one of these tours, we brought Cody Klien to play 2nd guitar, and it just clicked again. It was a positive addition to our band that we didn’t want to have pass us by. So now we're a 5 piece group with 6 more weeks of tour ahead of us, ready to take on the monster that is Los Angeles.

QUIT YOUR BAND AND JOIN THE FAD: A 3 song EP/DVD ADD the Movie: A Summer with the Fad.

In late 2008, Cody Klein broke up the Fad.


Bill Tom

  • Kris Baldwin (ex-Glassjaw, ex-Edna's Goldfish)
  • Dan (Bass) (ex-Jaded Ways, ex-The Reason)
  • Adam (Drums)
  • cody (guitar)

Former MembersEdit


  • Number Five EP? June 3rd, 2004 KF Records
  • 3 Song CD
  • Kill Punk Rock Stars