The Fluff was a Power Pop/Emo band from New Hyde Park, NY. Consisting of ex-members of After You Leave.


The Fluff was formed in 2006 by Frankie Tong, Matthew Florio, and Doug Vera from post hardcore/emo act After You Leave. The trio decided to break up After You Leave to start the Fluff. The band quickly recorded together and began booking shows; some making up for After You Leave. Weeks after being formed, Elissa , cousin of Frankie Tong, joined the band on keyboards and vocals. The band's sound was reminiscent of fellow Long Island act Straylight Run; combining strong pop themes with a rock twist and dueling male/female vocals. A few months after forming, both Frankie and Elissa decided to leave The Fluff. Florio decided to play the remaining shows as a solo artist. This decision left Frankie Tong to form False Facts with Vera, Elissa, and friend Miguel Chino. The band's myspace was an open letter attack on Florio. "Formerly known as "The Fluff," after being abandoned by guitarist Matthew Florio to become a solo artist. But Elissa and Frankie's musical career was far from over." The group wouldn't play together until forming Vital in 2006.

Frankie Tong eventually went on to form An Apathetic Omission. While Matthew Florio started Garden.Set.Fire.


  • Doug - Bass
  • Matt - Guitar/Vocals
  • Frankie - Drums
  • Elissa - Vocals/Keyboards


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