The Guilty Party was formed in early 2004, out of Suffolk County, Long Island, N.Y.,.


Having worked together once before, on Derek's infamous Misc. Compilation CD (1998). Jaw had done vocals for 2 tracks on this CD, along with some of Hardcore's top vocalists. Jamey from Hatebreed, Daryl from Glassjaw, Rick from 25 ta' Life/Commin' Correct/Time Heals Nothing, Dan from one4one, George from adayinthelife, and Dug from Arkham 13, along with a few others contributed vocals to this CD. But the response to Jaw's maniacal vocals made his songs the most memorable and most talked about. Now, 6 years later, Derek and Jaw have gotten together with Derek's band-mates Anthony and Ted, from Arkham 13, to bring you "The Guilty Party", Long Island's premier Thrash/Hardcore/Metal-core band.

Right now The Guilty Party are recording for their debut full-length CD, 7 songs are already tracked, and are recording 5 more They plan plenty of shows in the Tri-State/New England area to promote The Guilty Party, and are doing intensive promotions on the web, and are promoting the band themselves, where ever they go. Hopefully you'll like what The Guilty Party has to offer the Metal/Hardcore scene.

They are currently signed to No Joke Records.



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