The Legend Lives is a melodic punk/hardcore band from Suffolk County, New York. Their music style typically imploys a mixture of both pop-punk and melodic hardcore. The band currently consists of Rocco Rinaldi (lead vocals), Brian Pelosi (drums), Dre Ocampo (rhythm guitar), Shawn O'Connor (bass) and Grandpa's Champion (lead guitar, vocals). (

Formation and ReleasesEdit

The band formed in the spring of 2010 recording a 6 song EP entitled "Happily Never After." The EP was distributed virally online through various sources and the band performed their first show at Comiskey Park, packing the venue out to capacity. They continued to perform throughout the local area at various venues including Trash Bar, Asbury Lanes in NJ, The Crazy Donkey, Connolly's Pub in NYC, and Karma where they shared the stage with national touring acts such as Hit the Lights, The Ataris, Such Gold, and The Slackers.

They successfully released their first full length album entitled "The Preface" March 12,2011 featuring their hit song "Worst Party Ever". The album is available on iTunes for purchase and can also be streamed on Spotify.

The band has also recorded an unreleased EP "Blueprints" featuring 2 new songs and an LMFAO cover of "Shots". These songs can be streamed on some of their various sites such as Facebook and Reverbnation.

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