The Mass and The Majesty is an Experimental Alternative Rock band from Syosset, New York. The band formed in late 2006/early 2007.


The Mass and The Majesty was formed in early 2007 by Greg Dosttur, Thomas Costa, and Leon Zohrabian from the band, State of Art (an Alternative Rock band) and John Hohos from the band This is Modern Art (an Indie Rock band). They added in their friend, Matt Zeiger on bass. They immediately began writing for about four months and recorded a self-titled four song demo in Tom and Greg's basements. The band immediately began to play shows around the island at venues like Rockville Centre's Vibe Lounge and Merrick's Temple Beth'Am. John and Leon soon left the band and were replaced with Dominick D'Agostino and CJ Kostaras, on guitar and drums, respectively. The group spent the next few months writing an EP's worth of material before CJ and Matt left the band. Dominick recruited Jesse Lyons. Leon rejoined the band. The band played a few shows, before Dominick and Jesse left in mid April. The trio have since written new material, released a second demo and intend on recording with producer Bryan Russell this October.


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