The Microwave Orphans Anthology is a CD featuring the complete studio recordings of The Microwave Orphans, released soley for their last show on Eiffel Trousers Records. It was given the release number ET033. The artwork was done by Angelo Blanda. It is sometimes refered to as Memento Mori or Funeral CD. It compiles both demos DEMON and Andre , both EP's Young and Abrasive and While You Were Out Being sXe... as well as three outtakes from Young and Abrasive, thier contribution to the Jonathan Richman tribute - If I Were A Richman and a previously unreleased demo of the song "Alive Inside ". Only two other original compositions are not included on this collection "Goodbye Soccer Mom " which was never recorded and no known live recording of it exsists either, and "Schizophrenic Cheeselog " which was written around the time of the While You Were Out.. sessions and recorded for the infamous $607 tape , which has not seen the light of day yet.

Track Listing

  1. Brisket
  2. Backpack
  3. Happy Girl
  4. Artie
  5. Ever
  6. Happy Girl
  7. Amy's On Crack
  8. Artie
  9. Talk Shows and Broken Hearts
  10. Railroad Love
  11. Backpack
  12. Brisket
  13. Ever
  14. Freedom of Choice
  15. The Beach Song
  16. We All Love Each Other
  17. Amy's On Crack (Lounge Version)
  18. Busted Amps and Broken Strings
  19. Hornswaggled
  20. Jenny
  21. Remember Orange Julius
  22. Railroad Love
  23. Shattered Window
  24. Talk Shows and Broken Hearts
  25. Amy's On Crack
  26. Brisket
  27. Dignified and Old/Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste
  28. Ouroboros
  29. Why Is That Guy Wearing My Pants?
  30. Just This Once
  31. While You Were Out Being Straight Edge I Fucked Your Girlfriend
  32. Spring Cleaning
  33. Lucky Cigarette
  34. Alive Inside

Download it here

All songs written by The Microwave Orphans except "Ever " by Flipper, "Freedom of Choice " by DEVO, "Beach Song " by The Dead Milkmen, and "Dignified and Old"/"Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste " by The Modern Lovers

Line up on this record is : Matt Roren - Vocals (Tracks 1-34), Ian Smith - Guitar (Tracks 1-16,18-34), Bass (Tracks 7,9,14-16, 21), Jason Deford - Drums (Tracks 1-16,18-34), Nick Bifulci - Bass (Tracks 1-5), Matt Dallow - Guitar (Tracks 6-16, 19-22, 24-27)/Piano (Track 17)/Keyboards (Tracks 18,23,28-32,34), Andre Bermudez - Bass (Tracks 6-8, 10-13), Paul Como - Bass (Tracks 18-20, 22-27), Mike Conlon - Guitar (Track 27), Dave Harrison - Guitar (Tracks 30, 31, 34)/Bass (Tracks 28,32,33), Andrew Jones - Bass (Tracks 30,31,34)/Guitar (Tracks 28, 32, 33)

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