The OverUnder is a Pop Punk band from Long Island NY.


The band started during the summer of 2007 in a garage with 5 original members, only 2 of which are still with the band. Almost immediately after forming, the band began recording and playing venues all over the Long Island, NYC, and NJ scenes opening up for such national acts as The Swellers, Houston Calls, Honor Bright and Fight Fair to name some. The Overunders first release was a 10-song demo which we would give out to people at shows and also post songs from on our myspace/purevolume pages. Those demos eventually caught the attention of multi-platinum producer Kenny Gioia with who teamed up with them to record 3 new songs, songs that would eventually start gaining the band a bigger following both locally and via the internet.

Roughly a year after that studio session, The Overunder started to restructure the lineup quite a bit. In the span of a few months, 3 different band members had left due to commitments and/or to join other music projects. Drew and Jimmy still really believed in the band so they decided to try and keep it going with new musicians. They went out and recruited their friend Andrew Bilder, who just parted ways with his old band Valet Parking. Drew had asked Brian, whom he'd been in another band with years ago, to join and Mark was recruited by Bilder.

Once the lineup was set, the first thing they did was travel down to Baltimore for 6 days to record our EP "First Come, First Served". It just came out on Sept. 29 of 2009.

Since then, The Overunder was featured on the front page of and the front page of, was nominated for a mtvU Woodie Award for Best Music on Campus and was in AP Magazines AP and R Section for December 09.


Former MembersEdit

Andrew Bilder



Mark Sylvester



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