The Red Season VS Gentleman.BOSS is a collaboration album between several members of The Red Season and Gentleman.BOSS. It contains new arrangements of original Red Season songs, recorded and mastered for the first time, outside of the basement-recorded Pirate House Weapon Music. It is available for download on Bandcamp.

Track ListingEdit

1. "Embers"

2. "Gardiner Manor Ghosts"

3. "Bone Country"

4. "Walrus Party"

5. "Orange Warmth Against A Cold Black Night"

6. "Dusk"

7. "Seasons of Olde (A Tale of Redwall)"

8. "Track 8 Is Alright"

9. "An Island In Flames"

10. "Our Monument"

11. "Connemara Air"

12. "Graves For Mannequins"

13. "August Road"

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