The Repercussions is a Long Island garage rock/punk band that formed out of the ashes of The Microwave Orphans (The initial line-up consisting of the final line-up minus guitarist Rinaldo Morelli and drummer Jason Deford, replacing him with Nick Berlingieri  of Freaks From The Apocalypse).

After The Microwave Orphans decided to call it quits, Dave Harrison decided to start a garage rock band, taking influences from such bands as The Sonics, MC5, The Stooges, The Rolling Stones, Etc. Anna Hartley  (then girlfriend of Matt Roren and co-worker of Matt and Dave's) expressed interest in playing saxophone in the band. Matt Roren heard about this and wanted to be the singer. The next logical step was to ask Matt Dallow who was very excited to return to guitar after playing keys for The Microwave Orphans, Space Robot Scientists and Zia for the previous few years. They decided to ask Nick Berlingieri to play drums (he was going to be Jason Deford's replacement in The Microwave Orphans, before they decided to break up instead.) Finally they needed a bassist, Matt Roren had suggested Mitch Grafstein former guitarist of The Orphans and Freaks, because he felt bad he was the only member of the non existant next step in the Orphans who was not enlisted, Dave was dead set against it, Mitch was a metal guitarist and not a rock n roll bassman. Some how Matt had made it happen though so The Repercussions were formed originally known as The Repercussions UK.


  • Don't Fear The Repercussions (CD EP 2003 E.S.C.H.E. Records)
  • Heather In Pleather (CD Single 2003 E.S.C.H.E. Records)
  • Modern Sounds (Full Length CD 2005 E.S.C.H.E. Records)
  • Everything Is Gonna Be Alright... (CD EP 2006 E.S.C.H.E. Records)


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