The Skarate Kids (formerly called "Almost There") was a Ska band from Oceanside, Long Island, New York that was formed in October of 2003. The band finally called it quits in January of 2007 and played their last show at The Vintage Lounge in Levittown.


The Skarate Kids were originally a band called Almost There when the members were in middle school and high school. Mike Weiss and Zach Zanghi were the founders of the band and brought in two other unknowns to play for them. After, what The Skarate Kids called "a lot of member disputes, too many guitar solos, and getting absolutely nowhere," the band broke up, and Mike and Zach tried to start anew.

The band got their name when their friend, Ashley, stated "Look, I'm a 'skarate kid'". Mike and Zach picked it up immediately. Meanwhile, the band got their friend, John "Taco" Tocabens from school who played drums. Ryan Finn, another good friend from school joined the band as a bassist. Zach Zanghi played the clarinet, making him the only horn in the band, they then obtained a trumpeter. For a short while, a girl named Ashley played in the band, as well as another trumpeter. Their friend, Matt Kambic joined on saxophone.

They recorded and finally finished their demo, Bouncy Balls and Clothes Hangers. Afterwards, Kenny Ascher a trumpeter was brought in, and Ryan Finn was kicked out due to conflicts. Ryan Spencer replaced him on bass. The band called it quits in January of 2007 and played a farewell show at The Vintage Lounge.


Former MembersEdit

  • Ashley M.
  • Chris Berg (Trumpet)
  • Kenny Ascher (Trumpet)



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