The Urgency is an Alternative Rock band from Long Island, New York and Vermont. After the majority of the members grew up in South Burlington, Vermont they moved to the Brooklyn-Long Island area to form a band.


After Kevin Coffrin, Ian Molla, and Guerin Blask had all attended Ithaca College in Upstate, New York, the group moved to the Brooklyn-Long Island area to leak into the local music scenes. They met Tyler Gurwicz, who was involved in musical theater, and had coincidentally grown up outside of Burlington, Vermont, where Molla and Coffrin had also grown up. The group formed The Urgency, and after hooking up with Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken (SRP Management, who discovered Rihanna), the band met with producer David Bendeth. After checking out Paramore at Warped Tour, Molla bought the group's album and became obsessed with the album's intricate production. The band recorded their Self titled release and was signed to Island/Def Jam Records after company big wigs L.A. Reid and David Massey watched their set.

Soon after, Ryan Siegel, front man and guitarist of The Rivalry, a Long Island band joined the group.



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