The Worst Case Scenario is the debut release from East Meadow Power Pop sensations, Stereo Skyline. It was released on September 24th 2006 and features Matt Villani on lead vocals rather than Kevin Bard, who would take over on lead vocals between the release of this EP and the 2007 Bamboozle Festival, where the band played.

This is the only EP to feature Tom Angenbroich on bass and Anthony Purpura on drums.

It was recorded by Nick Zinnanti in his Bethpage home studio.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Caution! Girls."
  2. "If These Walls Could Talk, You'd Be In So Much Trouble Right Now."
  3. "Nothing to Lose"
  4. "Better Beginnings Lead to Short-Handed Disasters"
  5. "Making Out In the Boy's Bathroom Isn't Half As Fun When They're All Talking Marriage."

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