"'The X's Are Silent'" is a three piece experimental grindcore band and clothing company.


The X's Are Silent formed in the RVC Lanes over an order of curly fries in late 2007. Long time friends Alexandra Carlton and Elizabeth Vidic started writing poetry on napkins, and decided it would be a good idea to put their words to music and form a band. By the start of 2008, The X's Are Silent had a Myspace and promo pictures thanks to their friend Ashley Lovebug, but no music.

Alexandra Carlton and Elizabeth Vidic decided to add their good friend Marissa Ruocco to the lineup in 2008. From this moment, The X's Are Silent took off. They wrote more songs, and recorded samples that were soon added to their Myspace.

After realizing they had hundreds of plays in only a few days, they realized the marketing potential The X's Are Silent had. Because fashion was a huge part of said members' lives more than music, they decided to capitalize on the much more fruitful industry of selling band merchandise. The band borrowed money from Marissa Ruocco's father, and printed up t-shirts designed by Alexandra Carlton that included the group's motto "No Clit in the Pit". The girls wore them to local shows dressed up like scene girls to attract attention to their shirts, whilest degrading the struggles of local feminists.

The shirts sold like hotcakes, selling well at local shows at Vibe Lounge, house parties, and to random kids in their high school. They were offered shows to play, but did not feel their music was ready yet. They planned to enlist the help of Steve Brady to record and to help write music for their unfinished songs.

Soon the shirts were all sold out, and it was time for Alexandra Carlton, Marissa Ruocco, and Elizabeth Vidic to part ways to go off to college. The X's Are Silent have been on a brief hiatus since, and are rumored to be planning a comeback for summer 2009.


Alexandra Carlton Keys, mixing, violin

Marissa Ruocco Gutturals, djembe, didgeridoo

Elizabeth Vidic Gutturals, trumpet

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