There's Nothing Like This Built Today Edit

There's Nothing Like This Built Today is Indie/Rock band from Port Washington, NY. They were originally a three piece band named Toga! Toga! before switching their Drummer/Vocalist, Jimmy Reardon, to Keyboards/Guitar/Vocals and joining forces with Alex Telacki, of Metalcore outfit Far From Elysium. Now a four piece, Jovan Ristic (Lead Guitar) and Brian Kennedy (Bass Guitar), along with Reardon and Telacki began playing shows. Telacki played in both bands from December 2007- June 2008 and exclusively in TNLTBT following Far From Elysium's disbanding in 2008.

Members Edit

Jimmy Reardon- Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals Jovan Ristic- Guitar Alex Telacki- Drums Akshay Sachdev- Bass

Former Members Edit

Brian Kennedy- Bass



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