Made up of comic book nerds, ex theater geeks and a few music theory snobs, This Good Robot is a 6-8 piece Science-Fiction/Indie-Rock band out of Long Island, NY. Pay attention, this song could save your life.

Current MembersEdit

Micheal Ragosta vocals, guitar 

Andrew Sclafani guitar, keys, vocals, dat falsetto

Robert Ragosta guitar, vocals, keys

Kyle Carberry guitar, backup vocals

Kenny Cavallero bass

Vinny Nuzzi drums, scene veteran

Past Members?Edit

Lou Derose (drums)

Ryan Mancine (bongos, Synth) 


Woe is Barnaby Black (single) (April 2011)

The Human I Am EP (September 2011)

The Human I Am (Deluxe Edition) (January 2013)


We Just Don't Rock, Together We Roll (September 2011)

The Human I Am (October 2011)

External LinksEdit

Official Site


Official Store

Official Facebook

Official Youtube

Official ReverbNation

Official Twitter

Official MySpace

Official Bandcamp

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