This Is Who We Were is an EP released by Long Island Pop Punk band, Nothing To Lose and was release in the Fall of 2011. Recorded during the Summer of 2011 with 53 Studios (Anthony Rega from Love, Robot).

The band held a CD Release show at the Vibe Lounge on October 15th, 2011.

A music video was shot for "Bedtime Story Lines" by Ego Alley Productions (Alexa San Roman from Love, Robot).

A few tracks were previously known as other titles and are often referred to by the original title. "Never Sleep Alone" was once "All I'll Ever Be". "What're You Waiting For" was once called "Glass Half Empty". "Bedtime Story Lines" was at one time called "All Youre Asking For".

Two tracks were recorded for the EP but were removed from the release last minute; "Can You Live Without It" and an untitled acoustic track. The band felt that "Can You Live Without It" didnt fit the EP and were unhappy quality wise. The acoustic track was dropped because the band's second vocalist, Jess Gallagher, left the band midway through production. The track relied heavily on Gallagher's vocals and the band decided not to have another vocalist replace her so soon. As a result of Gallagher departing, guitarist Matthew Florio had to take over much of her vocal parts. The band plans on finishing and eventually releasing the acoustic track for a future release.

The title, This Is Who We Were, was chosen because the band felt it best explained theme of the EP. Majority of the tracks were written prior to guitarist Matthew Florio joining the band (with the exception of "Intro", "Bedtime Story Lines", and "What're You Waiting For". The band felt that the older songs represented who the band was during it's first two years.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Intro"
  2. "Bedtime Story Lines"
  3. "Never Sleep Alone"
  4. "Rumors"
  5. "If I Were You"
  6. "What're You Waiting For"

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