This Year's Model was an Emotive Hardcore band from Long Island, New York. They released a Demo, an EP, a Split, and were featured on a compilation record. They played with bands such as Glassjaw, Rival Schools, At the Drive-In, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, North Star, The Reunion Show, Hot Rod Circuit, The Movielife, The Anniversary, and J. Majesty. The members now play in These Enzymes and Bells.


This Year's Model was an Emotive Hardcore band that was born from the ashes of Sons of Abraham, Last Days of August, and Irony of Lightfoot. The members got together in the August of 1999 and during that time were signed to Law of Inertia and were featured on Fadeaway Records releases. They toured all over the country with some of the most prominent up and coming bands in the early 2000s before breaking up.

In 2000 they parted ways with Rubenstein and acquired a new vocalist in Darrin formerly of the Paste Junkies. They eventually changed their name to Bravado before dissolving in 2003. Steve Gache and Karen Ciaffone would form SpeedSpeedSpeed shortly after this.



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