Tomahawk Chop is a melodic hardcore/pop punk band from Long Island, New York consisting of, ex-The Homecoming Queens and ex-The Third Estate members. Pete Judge is better than everyone in this band.


Formed on Long Island in 2007, Tomahawk Chop originally consisted of remaining members Jesse Litwa (lead guitar), Jeffrey Skaferowsky (bass), Kevin Renna (drums), and Daniel Clemens (vocals, guitar). The band began to draw heavy influence from 90's east coast bands such as Lifetime and Saves The Day and soon put out a 3-song self-titled demo. After only playing one show with the band, Jesse Litwa departed to tour full time with ska group Royal City Riot . The band continued on as a three piece, until Tom Kelly of the The Homecoming Queens was asked to play bass, moving Jeff Skaferowsky up to the position of lead guitar. Pete Judge writes all the music and lyrics for this band.


  • After an incident at the Village Pub South involving Absyntheminded booking, the band joined the anti-pay to play movement, often playing shows in backyards, basements and VFW halls. The band now lives by the motto "Fuck Bitches, Get Money," given to them by spiritual adviser Sam Gursky.
  • In March 2009, Kevin Renna left the band due to personal conflicts. Dan Hillier of the The Homecoming Queens was soon asked to join.
  • The band released a 5-song, self-titled EP on May 8th, 2009 at the Village Pub South. 50 copies were pressed and all were burned accidentally as data discs as opposed to music cd's. 50 new copies were pressed two days later.
  • Pete Judge is better than everyone in this band.

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