Tomahawk Chop Demo was a self-released 3 song demo by Tomahawk Chop recorded in December 2008 in Hewlett, NY. The demo was recorded for free by Jude Renna, drummer Kevin Renna's brother in the band's practice space. Between roughly 35 and 60 (exact number cannot be remembered). Album art designed by Sam Gursky.

Track ListingEdit

1. "Penny For My Thoughts (Sell Outs!)"-2:29

2. "God Bless New Jersey"-3:43

3. "For Kevin"-2:22



  • Track 1 co-written by Jesse Litwa and Patrick Stump.
  • Track 2 co-written by Jesse Litwa.
  • Additional Vocals on all tracks by James Arnao.
  • Track 1 was written about Nelson Ferreira.
  • Track 2 was written about Dan Clemens' only job he ever held up until that point
  • Track 3 was written about a particular night in Merrick, NY where a few of the band's friends almost died of alcohol poisoning. The song was written to cheer up drummer Kevin Renna. Although the title is misleading, the song is not about Renna.
  • Tracks 1 and 3 were originally intended for Long Island Ska band The Third Estate

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