Tommy Davis is a drummer from Plainview, New York who was in the Post Hardcore band Hope Drive and is currently in the now on hiatus Indie Rock band, Wilbur as well as Indie Rock outfit, Gabriel the Marine.


Tommy was originally in the band, "A Toast to No One" with his brother, Steve Davis, Matt Borkowsky, and others. As the band evolved to Hope Drive, he remained as the drummer and part-time lyricist. The band only recorded one EP before disbanding in 2007. During his time in Hope Drive, he was also in Wilbur. Originally, the band Wilbur was called Monsters in the Closet, but when their drummer Sean left, they recruited Tommy and became Wilbur. In the late summer of 2008, Wilbur went on an indefinite hiatus due to the members leaving for college.

In September, 2008, John Leibold, the drummer of Gabriel the Marine left the band along with guitarist Craig Kleila. Tommy Davis was one of the drummers who auditioned to fill John's position, and was accepted into the band on October 2nd, 2008.


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