Tomorrow Never Came is a five piece Metalcore/Hard Rock band from Long Island, New York. They are endorsed by Dorsia Drums, Battlefield Drums, and Crakshot Energy Drinks. TNC was known as Stepping Through until Steve McTigue joined the band on bass and Kyle Gallagher began playing drums. Kyle Gallagher left the band soon after they began playing shows, and Dave Kurtz (of Stepping Through) returned to the band. This World Lies In Ruins was recorded with the lineup : Joe, Ray, Anthony, Steve, Dave. When TNC began to show interest in touring and playing out of state shows, Joe and Dave left. Steve replaced Joe on vocals, and Tom O'Mahoney replaced Steve on bass. Ray played drums for the short time between Dave leaving and Greg Delgenio joining on drums. The band changed their name to In Means of Life shortly after reaching this final lineup.


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