Ultra High Frequency was an Alternative Rock band from Long Island that formed in 2001 by Frank Fussa (vocals, guitar), Jon Brown (guitar/vocals), Chris Johanidesz (bass/vocals), and Dennis Joseph (drums/vocals). In their six year span, the band released two full length albums, two EPs, and toured with artists such as Brand New.


Ultra High Frequency deserves to be on your indie rock radar. Formed by four childhood friends in a Long Island suburb Frank Fussa (vox/guitar), Jon Brown (guitar/vox), Christopher Johanidesz (bass/vox), and Dennis Joseph (drums/vox) the straight-up rock outfit tastefully revitalizes the post-grunge exuberance of the Foo Fighters and Silverchair. Their 2004 debut, Sun Never Sets in Dramaville, was self-released and generated a modest local buzz.

Rather fittingly, famed knob-tweaker Barret Jones (Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Presidents of the U.S.A.) was soon enlisted to produce their sophomore effort, Matter in Time. Released in the spring of 2006 via White Elephant Recordings, the album led to more high-profile gigs, including the opening slot for fellow Islanders Brand New on the first leg of their tour. Shortly thereafter, however, the band uprooted and moved to a new home in Los Angeles.

Frank and Chris are now in the band, Morning Fuzz.


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