The Ultrasound Lounge (aka Metasin) was a small local venue located at 2715 Hempstead Tpk in Levittown. It has since shutdown and is currently unoccupied. It hosted many popular bands such as Endwell and The Sleeping. It was run by a man named Dave and a creepy guy who hung bras around the bar.

The people who owned Ultrasound Lounge also owned a venue down the road in East Meadow, NY called Insomnia. Insomnia sort of resembled the Crazy Donkey if it had like five functioning lights and was buried under a foot of dust, grime, and the tears of dying homeless men. Noteworthy bands performed at Insomnia on shows produced mainly by Mike and Charlie of Die Trying and also by Feet First presents. Among the artists who played Insomnia: Alexisonfire, American Nightmare, Aria, Blood Red, Crime in Stereo, Daughters, From First to Last, Glass Casket, Most Precious Blood, The Prize Fighter, The Procedure, The Rescue, Saved by Grace, Scraps and Heart Attacks, Spitalfield, and Zombi. It was later knocked down (thankfully) and converted into a Moe's Burrito Bar.

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