Under spinning lights

2008: Formation and Under Spinning Lights EP

In 2008 inactive musician Eric Pagan formed Under Spinning Lights with good friend Ryan Hart and former band mate Ryan Steinberg. Pagan Initially played synth and sang for the band. Ryan Hart played drums as well as sang and Ryan Steinberg played guitar respectively. Pagan then recruited Dan Lopez for guitar and then soon after Dom Fazzari to play bass. Right after the first line up was formed Ryan Steinberg left the band and was replaced by Max Iantorno on Guitar. This would be the line up for the band's first EP self entitled, Under Spinning LightsThe band recorded Under Spinning Lights with producer and engineer Jon Castelli at SSLI in Long Island New York. The album art was done by Dan Lopez. The band Promoted the EP heavily online and didn't play shows due to Lopez and Hart's attending schools out of state.

2008-2009: addition of a member and 3 Song Sampler

In the fall of 2008 it was announced that Jay Pagan, Eric's brother would be coming in to play synth giving Eric the chance to just focus on Vocals. With the addition of Jay the band became a six piece and that winter they went into the studio and recorded the 3 Song Sampleronce again with Jon Castelli. The band had been developing a major online following and that summer it resulted in a turn out of over 100 kids to their first show at their local mall.

2009-2010: Departure of Hart and Lopez and Its Saturday Night EP

in the summer of 09 the tensions of Hart and Lopez's decision to go back to college brought the band to have to make the decision to part ways with the two respectively. The band continued and recruited Kenny Gallart to replace Hart on the drums. Jay then picked up a guitar and the band stayed a five piece. The band then went into the studio that fall and recorded their third release, the EP Its Saturday Night with Jon Castelli.The band then promoted by touring and online promotion.

2010–Present: Promotion and New EP

The band has been working hard playing shows every chance they get. They were voted into Alternative Press by their fans as hometown heroes. The band was also featured in The Aquarian Weekly as one of the bands on the verge.The band intends to go into the studio early August to record their new EP not yet titled.

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