Over the last few years, the scene has downsized greatly. The amount of people who come to shows, the amount of venues that operate have both become miniscule in comparison to the past. Here, you can use this reference sheet to book shows, book tours (if you're from out of town), and build up a hometown following.

Current Venues (By Location)Edit

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Religious PlacesEdit

Record StoresEdit

Theaters and ArenasEdit


  • Soon, we will put up a page like this for all the Long Island Booking Companies.
  • If you see any venues that should be added or deleted (provided that they don't host shows anymore), then edit the page yourself! Your action will be reviewed and deemed appropriate or not.
  • Do not spam this page. I can reset all the information put on it, it's just a minor inconvenience that I'd rather not have to go through. The page is to help bands help themselves, and others so don't be a part of the problem.

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