Vincent Treglia (born April 2nd, 1988) is the guitarist and secondary vocalist in Tiger Riot.

Biography Edit


High Class HeistEdit

Vincent Treglia was the lead singer and rhythm guitarist in Long Island based pop-punk band High Class Heist from 2004-2008.

The Prospero Collapse - Wave Down The PlanesEdit

Vincent Treglia joined The Prospero Collapse (later Prospero then Wave Down the Planes) after they took a short break in 2008 with future Tiger Riot members Alexander Harper, Fred Ardis, and Daniel Ardis, as well as lead singer Aaron Barbour.

Tiger RiotEdit

Vincent Treglia started Tiger Riot in the summer of 2009 alongside the original instrumentalists of The Prospero Collapse, Alexander Harper, Christopher Tagliaferro, Dan Ardis, and Fred Ardis.


  • Look Up! EP (Tiger Riot , 2010)
  • A Center for Ants?! Demo (Tiger Riot , 2009)
  • The Day After Yesterday (High Class Heist, 2007)

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