Warship is a Post Hardcore/Sludge Metal band from Long Island, New York formed by the members of From Autumn to Ashes. The band is signed to Vagrant Records.


The band was formed by Francis Mark (vocals, drums) and Rob Lauritsen (guitar, bass) after their previous band, From Autumn to Ashes went on hiatus in June of 2008. They put out a record, "Supply and Depend", which they recorded with producer Andrew Schneider in New York, and put it out through Vagrant Records, on November 4th 2008. On June 26th, the band announced its North American tour would run from August 20th (Orlando, Florida) until September 14th (Philadelphia, PA).

On March 10th, 2009, Francis announced that Rob had left the band, and that Warship was now a trio consisting of Tom Tierney on guitar, and Sean Auer on bass. Francis Mark also announced on that same day that he was working on a European tour :"I'm working on a full tour of Europe that will be announced as soon as all of the details are settled."Indeed this special tour starts on May 28, Warsip will tour in Scotland, England, Netherlands, Germany.


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