Wave Down the Planes was a Post Hardcore band from Long Island, New York from 2008-2009. The band was formerly known as Prospero (2008), and before that--The Prospero Collapse (2007-2008).


In 2007, The Prospero Collapse began when Alexander Harper , Christopher Tagliaferro , Dan Ardis , and Fred Ardis met Connecticut based vocalist Aaron Barbour . Together they released 4 demos recorded by Greg Dunn of Moving Mountains and mixed by Christopher Tagliaferro. After playing some shows in the NY area, the band parted ways early 2008. After Christopher Tagliaferro started touring with The Dear Hunter, the other members regrouped, moving Dan Ardis to bass and adding Vincent Treglia on guitar. The band then shortened their name to Prospero and began writing for what they would know as Continuity . At the end of the summer, Prospero changed their name yet again to Wave Down The Planes after finding an active canadian DJ under the name Prospero. In August 2008, they recorded Continuity with Greg Dunn. After creating a small buzz releasing a preliminary mix of the planned single, "I Am Queens Boulevard", as well as playing shows on Long Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts and getting attention on AbsolutePunk, the band parted ways with singer Aaron Barbour in May 2009. They never released their EP Continuity. The remaining members continued on and formed Tiger Riot with former The Prospero Collapse bassist Christopher Tagliaferro on lead vocals and keys.


  • Aaron Barbour (Vocals)
  • Alexander Harper (Guitar)
  • Vincent Treglia (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Dan Ardis (Bass, Vocals)
  • Fred Ardis (Drums)

Former MembersEdit

  • Christopher Tagliaferro (Bass,Vocals, Keys)
  • Mauro Gomez (Lead Voals)


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