The "We're Always Watching You EP" is Post Hardcore band, Disarming Arctica's second EP, released in 2009.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Marie Antoinette"
  2. "The Great Northern"
  3. "Surveillance"
  4. "Motives"
  5. "Wake Up Now"
  6. "The Signal"


Brett Praskach, 4 Stars

Post-hardcore quintet Disarming Arctica is a force to be reckoned with, with over a million plays on the band’s MySpace page. We’re Always Watching You, the band’s latest release, treats fans to six intense tracks. What the album lacks in production is easily made up in raw power and talent. “Marie Antoinette” is clearly intended to start things off strong, leading straight from a building intro into full-bodied guitar tones and two-step drums. Fans of Driverside Impact are guaranteed to fall head over feet for Disarming Arctica’s blend of danceable beats and breakdowns, dominant throughout “Marie Antoinette.” Vocally, however, the two bands couldn’t be more different. Following “Marie Antoinette” is “Great Northern,” a song wonderfully accented with harmonies on both vocals and guitars. The last minute of the song features a cleanly executed breakdown with shouted vocals, reminiscent of the days before hardcore forgot its punk roots. Playing on the techno aspect of the band’s sound, “Surveillance” is a smooth minute and a half of buildup, flowing from industrial sounds into a crescendo of guitar and drums that leads directly into “Motives.” A strange fusion of major and minor tones, “Motives” breaks the rules: chord choices that should sound atrociously atonal fit perfectly. Bass is also highlighted more in “Motives” and in the last song, “The Signal,” than it is anywhere else on We’re Always Watching You. “The Signal” starts off with an increasingly strong intro and then mellows out, allowing vocals and drums to play out over picked guitar lines. The choruses pick up, however, and Disarming Arctica is careful to make sure that We’re Always Watching You doesn’t just fizzle out. The album as a whole is strongly written and performed, but the recording quality unfortunately attests to the fact that We’re Always Watching You is a self-released album. Muffled guitars and the lack of bass are dominant themes, as are seemingly unpolished vocals. As an independently released album, however, We’re Always Watching You demonstrates the energy and potential contained within Disarming Arctica, and the band’s ability to set itself apart from the plethora of mediocre post-hardcore acts today.

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