Welwyn was a Wantagh based Power Pop that was formed from the ashes of many Long Island bands. During its short run from 2006 to 2007, it released a Demo, toured the East Coast, and recorded an EP which never saw daylight due to the departure of Paul Satriano and Dan Carey.


Welwyn was first started by Brett Schantz, Brian Walsh, and Sean Boetcher. Mike Magnetico soon joined as a drummer, but would depart, leaving Dan Carey to take his place. They found a singer in Matt Kornfield. The band was set to record and play their first shows when Brett Schantz abruptly left the band. They then recorded their demos with General George (Bayside, Taking Back Sunday, Action Action) and built an underground following. Paul Satriano joined on guitar soon after. The band turned down an offer from an Indie Label and isntead agreed to a Production Deal with General George Fullan before hitting the road for an East Coast Tour from July 5th until July 13th. The band hit the studio, recording six songs for an EP (four new songs, and two old songs), featuring guest vocals from Ryan Hunter. Before the EP was completed, Paul and Dan left in the late fall of 2007, leading to the breakup of Welwyn.



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