west of here was and is but is more than it ever was before, a female fronted post melodic hardcore band from long island with a twist. Drawing on each others influences eddy, rob, Alexis, Craig, & tom have come together with "a decade between us" a four song debut album from the band.

Originally formed by eddy Balzano after the prizefighter, and guilt like gravity dissolved him and bassist Rob Catalano got together with some friends changing line ups and changing bands as eddy joined up with Tom Lavecchia and formed a band calling itself "from the mouths of lions" the band had played some shows and recorded some demo tracks never releasing anything and lasting only a short time falling victim to location and schedule changes. But Tom, Rob, & Ed would not let that stop them from what they love doing, creating and sharing music. They reformed under the banner of "west of here" find ex flaming Tsunamis drummer Craig Berndt wandering the forest woods of Massapequa in search of tree branches strong enough to bare the weight of his thunderous drumming. Taming the wild man they were over joyed but still underwhelmed, they new something was missing and it came to them via craigslist ad response, a brave little 18 year old toaster named Alexis Futoran who fearlessly met four shadowy figures in the back of a warehouse and headed feet first into the studio for the first time like she had walked those halls a hundred thousand times before and as she had assaulted the microphone with a sonic banshee force the guys new they had found the singer they've been looking for and all else is future.

The album is up on the CD's haven't come out yet they are still in the works. They are willing and able to play anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. It is and always will be about the music. love-

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