Wheatus is a Pop Rock/Pop Punk band from Newport, Long Island.


The band was formed when Brendan B. Brown, Peter Brown, and Rich Liegey began writing music together in 1998. In 1999, through New york attorney Ray Maiello, the band signed with Kevin Patrick at Columbia Records. After the success of their demo, the band wrote a self titled album. They supported the album and its singles: "Teenage Dirtbag", "A Little Respect", "Leroy", and "Wannabe Gangstar", gaining much popularity.

Then, the band recruited Liz Brown, Brendan's sister, and Kathryn Froggat as backup vocalists, and Shannon Harris of Relish signed on as a keyboardist, in preparation of their second album.

Brendan Brown began to disagree with Columbia Records in regards to having Wheatus self-produce the album, and because of that, Hand Over Your Loved Ones, received little promotion and didn't sell well. They released one single, "American in Amsterdam". In 2004, Shannon Harris left and was replaced by Michael Bellar. A year later, the band re-released Hand Over Your Loved Ones under the name Suck Fony with two new songs William McGovern and Hit Me with Your Best Shot. The band released it on their own label, Montauk Mantis. The band only released the album on their website, but was available in stores in Ireland and the UK, and Wheatus albums became something of a rarity. This attracted a distribution contract.

After this, Wheatus signed to Warner Brothers Records to perform a theme song for the cartoon show, Jackie Chan Adventures. The song "Punk Ass Bitch" was chosen, but was replaced by another instrumental theme. The song was used in commercials and as the ending theme for the show.

In 2005, Mike McCabe left the band and was replaced by Nicolas DiPierro. Michael Bellar also left and was replaced by Gerard Hoffman.

In 2006, DiPierro left and was replaced by Matt Milligan. Then, Pete Brown, the drummer and co-founder, left to pursue a normal life. He was replaced by Kevin Garcia. Kathryn Froggatt left due to her pregnancy and was replaced by Connie Renda who was recently replaced by missy.

Liz Brown left the band in 2007. The band is currently working on new material.


Brendan B. Brown – vocals, guitar
Leo Freire – drums
Matthew Milligan – bass
Mark Palmer – keyboards
Joey Slater – back-up vocals
Gabrielle Sterbenz – back-up vocals

Former membersEdit

Rich Liegey – bass

Kevin Joaquin Garcia - drums

Gerard Charles Hoffmann - Keyboards
Vanessa Jimenez – back-up vocals
Philip Jimenez – multiple instruments
Shannon Patrick Harris – keyboards
Mike Joseph McCabe – bass
Michael Bellar – keyboards
Nicolas diPierro – bass
Peter McCarrick Brown – drums
Kathryn Elizabeth Froggatt – back-up vocals
Constance Renda – back-up vocals
Elizabeth Grace Brown – back-up vocals
Melissa Heselton – back-up vocals


  • Wheatus (2000) #7 UK
  • Hand Over Your Loved Ones (2003)
  • Suck Fony (2005 re-issue of Hand Over Your Loved Ones with two new tracks and altered track order)
  • TooSoonMonsoon (2005)


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